View Full Version : SPF$$$Beretta 1201fp Semi Shotgun in OC/or trade G30,36

10-27-2010, 10:09 PM
Hello Guys. My friend had this shotgun for Home Defense and I had to buy it because he had to go back to his country last month.
I just test drove it today and shot 25 shots of bird shot, 7 of 00 Buck shot, 7 of Fiocchi Slugs through barrel. My friend shot very little rounds,so I assume around total less than 70 rounds. This is a beretta 1201fp 20 inches barrel model. 6+1 capasity. works superb with slug and buck shots. no problem with Federal birdshots but did not like winchester. It also has old mini mag light on the barrel(amazingly still works). It is attached with home made way but very solid.
I like to get $SPF to Stryker for this.
I also like to trade with Glock 30 or 36.
Let me know and thanks for lookiing.