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bush wacker
10-27-2010, 2:59 PM
I have a new unfired complete LaRue Stealth Sniper upper, 18" barrel with 13.2" handguard. I did mount this upper to one of my lowers just to see how it feels, other than that, it has been in the plastic bag in my safe for the last year.
Asking/ SPF!

Answering the demands of today's precision AR-Shooter, we designed the Stealth Sniper System with " 100-yard shot groups in mind. Exceeding our expectations, the Stealth has earned a great reputation for it's sub-MOA accuracy, with reports of consistent hits on 4" plates out to 400 yards with 77 grain Mk262 ammunition.

Assembled using our CNC-machined Stealth Billet Upper (LT-007) as the backbone, complete Stealth Uppers are available in 12", 16", 18" & 20" barrel-lengths with the LT handguard length of your choice. Complete Stealth Uppers come expertly-assembled and tested with Receiver, Free-float Handguard, Barrel, Low-Profile Gasblock and Tube, Mil-Contract M16 Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle.

Recommended barrel length / handguard lengths: (see pictures at bottom of page)
20" Barrel: 13.2" & 12.0" Handguards
18" Barrel: 13.2", 12.0", 11.0" & 10.0" Handguards
16" Barrel: 13.2", 12.0", 11.0" & 10.0" Handguards
12" Barrel: 11.0", 11.0" Gooseneck, 10.0", 9.0" & 7.0" Handguards

Components Overview

Upper Receiver:
The LaRue Stealth receiver is an improved-version of the currently fielded mil-spec flat-top receiver. Machined from billet 7075-T6, the Stealth is designed with more of material in critical areas to alleviate past issues of weakness and to stiffen the receiver, maximizing the weapons overall accuracy.

Unless you request bead-blasted stainless, our barrels arrive ION Bonded in black. Ion Bond coating is roughly 5-millionths of an inch thick and roughly 90 Rockwell in hardness (harder than hard-chrome). It won't chip, peel, corrode, and is heat-resistant to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

LaRue Stealth Barrels are Wylde-chambered in 5.56mm, 1-in-8 twist polygonal rifling in medium-weight contour using LW-50 Stainless. In the late 1980's, it was realized that there were erosion and short barrel-life problems with 416 Stainless in the calibers operating at 65K psi. 410 Stainless also had issues. LW-50 became the answer. LW-50 lacks sulphur, which in high quantity, created short throat-life in other Stainless Steels. LW-50 can also be heat-treated to a point that makes it near-optimal in all forms of rifle barrels. LW-50 has been proven for over 15 years, in military and civilian uses ranging from sniper, tactical, target, and other high-performance applications where long life and accuracy are critical.

Free-Float Integrated Rail System:
CNC-machined out of aluminum, LT handguards are available in 7.0", 9.0", 10.0", 11.0", 12.0", and 13.2" lengths. Our two-pin proprietary barrel nut system with its locking anti-slip plate, sets LaRue handguards apart from the competition. Once the rail is properly installed, there is no chance of movement whatsoever. Everything locks into place rock-solid. This is vital when utilizing lasers, optics and other hardware. The side and bottom rails are tucked closer to the barrel, keeping the profile narrower and more streamlined. Special cuts on each rail's end are designed to work with both mil-issue and standard rail covers. LaRue handguards also include a QD sling-swivel socket integrally-mounted at the base of each side for convenient mounting 2-point slings. Additionally, our Free-float Rail system provides an excellent heat-sinking feature that pulls throat-damaging heat away from the chamber area. Another heat-sinking benefit is the elimination of pressure-spikes, which some feel is the cause of a large part of pre-mature bolt failures.

M16 Bolt-Carrier Group:
Assembled to TexasSpecTM our Bolt Carrier Groups use the same mil-spec hardware used military-wide. Additionally, LT assembly enhancements greatly minimize bolt-related failures. Mil-spec gas-key contact areas are precision surface-ground flat for zero gas leakage and then max-staked to eliminate all chances of vibration-induced failures.

Assembly and Testing:
Every LT Stealth Sniper System is precision-assembled and as part of the QA procedure, goes through a final 10-round live-fire function test before be

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Can you write out the complete specs?

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