View Full Version : WTS Colt grey A2 & A1 uppers and misc parts SOLD!!

10-27-2010, 6:14 AM
I have the following items for sale.

Colt A2 upper (no barrel or BCG) $150.00
Colt C7 upper w/brass deflector (no barrel or BCG, large hole upper) $200.00

1 Bishop US made AK butt stock for stamped receivers $50.00
1 new ATI AK-47, Mak 90 black plastic handguard $15.00
2 pistol grips off Romy G kits $5.00 each 1 SPF 1 left
2 pistol grips off Bulgarian AK 74 kits $10.00 each
2 stock pistons from Romy g kit $2.00 each
2 stock pistons from Bulgarian 74 kits $2.00 each
2 FCGs & 1 muzzle brake from Romy G kit $20.00 for all
2 20 Round HK91/G3/Cetme rebuild kits US made but not marked $25.00 for both
1 Ted Williams 4x W steel tube scope and Weaver rings $50.00 (good scope for a .22)
Colt FSB with pins (ok condition) $20.00 SPF
AR15 Buttstock weight $20.00
5 HK manufactured 30 round stick mags (rebuild kits) in good condition HK 94/MP5/SW5 asking $50.00 OBO each.

All offers considered. Please send email if interested. Shipping is extra unless meeting in the SF Bay Area.

11-27-2010, 6:35 AM