View Full Version : Just fixed my surefire forend...incase this happens to you.

10-27-2010, 1:45 AM
I know most of these topics end up in archives but it can be searched later on. I'm doing this so if anyone in the future sees this they can look back and see how I fixed it. This is a fix incase this happened to you and have no warranty like I did. I'm not sure how the wire came off the solder at all.

Remington 870
Surefire Forend bought at same time as shotgun about 8 years ago.

I bought it off my friend recently and he told me the battery is dead.

I replaced battery and still nothing.

I took the metal flashlight housing out and tested the bulb and housing and the light worked. Decided something within the plastic of the forend is messed up....either the switch or pressure pad or wiring.

Took the surefire forend off and used a roll pin punch to take out the pin holding the base of the flashlight in (the part the flashlight screws onto the main body of the forend). Afterwards it was a struggle to get the base out since it is so tight within the plastic. I suggest put some oil and let it soak in before pulling. Screw the flashlight back in to get a better grip. You could do full revolutions since the soldered wires are most likely messed up and they are fit in perfectly without any slack.

After the base of flashlight came out notice no wires were attached. by the looks of it it's normally soldered on the center and on a little tab on one side. I tried to pull the wires out so I can resolder but they didn't budge. Noticed the wires ran towards the pressure pad side. Used a small flat head screwdriver and pryed the pressure pad off one corner from the rear and lifted it. There is a small circuit board near the front of the forend on the pressure pad and that is also where the wires from the pad go into the board. Board didn't seem like it wanted to come out. Saw 4 wires. From the looks of it 2 were coming from the constant on switch (on opposite side) and the other 2 to the flashlight itself. used a small needle nose plier and pulled the wires one by one to see which ones were connected to the flashlight. Then pulled them straight out so all the wires were exposed. The wires run through a small hole or channel through the whole plastic body. The wires were both black. I wasn't sure which wire went to what on the flashlight but after some testing it turns out it doesn't matter.

I took an old computer and reused one of the fans power wire. It was small and thin enough to go through the little hole/channel. I cut it long enough to go all the way through and extra so I can solder to the flashlight base. I used black and red wires but again it doesn't matter since you can reverse polarity and still be fine. Anyways then used some gun lube and helped it slide back into the forend body. Make sure not to twist the flashlight or else you will end up breaking the solder you just made. Instead to make things easier I used some gun oil and lubed the flashlight body. lined up the little notch the roll pin holds it into place and pushed it in. I used the carpet and used my weight to help press it straight in rather then twisting it back and forth and possibly damaging the solder.

Afterwards desolder the old wires that go onto the circuit board. Trim the new lines you made so it doesn't have too much excess wire because really there isn't much space. Resolder new wires and you are pretty much done. reglue the pressure pad back.

10-27-2010, 8:10 PM
i don't have the Surefire forend on either of my 870 shotguns, but have considered one for my 870P.

i may or may not get the Surefire, but if i do... i appreciate the information.

good job.