View Full Version : Libraries for EBOOKS?

10-26-2010, 1:37 PM
Do they have libraries for ebooks? Where you can just check out a book for a few weeks at a time? My wife wants an ebook but w/the amount of reading she does I would go broke trying to buy all those books.

10-26-2010, 1:46 PM
There are some free libraries available on line, like www.gutenberg.org, which consists of books out of print and out of copyright.

Amazon offers kindle versions of these books as well. You can pretty much get any major classic book you can think of in e-book format for free.

Baen.com (the sci fi publisher) has 40 -50 books from their most popular current authors up for free download as well. Check out the free library section of their website.

I know the Los Angeles Public Library system had an e-book check out system for some books, but I never looked into how it exactly worked. You could contact your local library to see if they have anything similar.

10-26-2010, 2:07 PM
I know that the SF public library has eBooks.
Just a quick check:

Mariposa County Library has had eBooks since 2004 apparently.
August 2004 – ebooks collection available
The Mariposa County Library and public libraries in the Central and South San Joaquin Valley are pleased to announce the availability of electronic books, or eBooks, through a cooperative purchase of the San Joaquin Valley Library System (SJVLS). Adding to a growing array of services that library cardholders can access from their home computers, the eBooks collection currently offers a selection of more than 700 books to be read online, or downloaded and read offline on personal computers or PDAs running the free Adobe Reader software. Titles in the collection include a wide variety of children's and adult fiction and nonfiction works. Among the nonfiction topics are cookbooks, computer repair and programming, do-it-yourself legal guides, personal self-improvement, health and fitness, sports, travel, and more. Library users can browse the available titles from any computer, but must register for a free eBook account at an SJVLS library before books can be checked out or downloaded at home.