View Full Version : a few handguns for sale

Michael Ching
10-22-2010, 3:50 PM
Hello fellow gun owners: I recently closed my gun business as a firearms instructor. I have been able to sell most of my guns so far but I have decided to sell off a few more handguns that at first I wanted to keep but times being what they are I am compelled to sell them now. Both guns are in perfect working condition and are in almost new condition. What I did for my clients if they wanted to try a gun that I didn't have I would buy it and sell it to him or her. If it wasn't what they expected I'd keep it and try to sell it to another client.
For sale:
Sig P-220 45 ACP has about 200 rounds fired through it. Comes with 2 7 round magazines. Not broken in yet. Looks new. $700.00
S&W M-29 6.5" BBL 44 Magnum Classic. Full lug barrel in blue. Hogue rubber grip. Probabaly has about 500 rounds fired through it: light target loads only. $700.00
As with all private party sales we must go through either your favorite gun store or someone with a valid FFL. 10 Day waiting period applies and any transfer fees will be paid by the buyer.
If you are interested I can send photos or if you are live in the SF Bay Area we can arrange to meet at a gun range and I'd be happy to let you try the gun before purchase.