View Full Version : SPF: Fully Customized Ruger 10/22 SubMOA

10-22-2010, 1:03 PM
Hi Guys...
I'm selling my Fully Customized Ruger 10/22.
I did all the customer job myself from bare 10/22 blue version.
Here are the upgrade list

- Hogue fluted stainless barrel
- Boyds SS Evolution Sky Laminated Stock
- Hornet Custom Trigger Group
- Harris Bi-Pod
- 2 Original Magzine and 1 Extra Original Clear Magazine(New)
- Simon 3-9 Scope with matching stainless Scope ring
- Buttler Creek Scope Cover Cap
- Over Sized Aluminum Bolt Charging Handle
- Polished Bolt for smooth operation
- Trigger pull is about 1.2lb with Lyman Electronic trigger pull guage and is crisp.
- Super Mild recoil

All adds over $750. I will let it go for SPF to billyboy1369.
It is capable of shoot under 1"group at 100yards(SubMOA) all day long with proper Ammo and if you know how to shoot.
Target Pic is 5 shots @100yard with CCI Mini-Mag Ammo which is about half MOA.

Los Angeles Area FTF PPT Cash Only.
I can travel inbetween Oaktree range to Ammo Bros for the PPT.
You might need Case or bag for the rifle since case or bag is not comes with the rifle.
PM is the bestway to contact me and feel free to ask me a question.
Thanks for looking. :)

P.S. I will inculed all original parts (Barrel,Wood Stock,Trigger Group,Extra Bull Barrel Hogue Rubber Stock)If I can find.