View Full Version : WTS: Rock River PDS Complete Pistol $1325 Shipped from WY

10-22-2010, 7:09 AM
Hi Calguns Community,
I have one of these that I got from Rock River yesterday and am offering it to the Calguns community first as you all have been some of my best customers.

This is the LAR-PPS AR Piston Driven Pistol. Right off, you will notice how much more compact it is than a standard pistol, due to the removal of the buffer tube. These are a really neat new design. See more at:


The price includes shipping and a bullet button installation. I will either need you to provide the single shot sled or I will have to buy one and add that to the price.

As always, all major credit cards are accepted with no surcharge. Also, for a quicker response please use my email or website contact form. I get those alerts right away on my blackberry. I have to log in to calguns to see the im's, and I won't be around my pc much today.

Cory Slane

10-23-2010, 9:45 AM
I will still need a bobsled sent to me or buy one and charge for it.