View Full Version : WTT: COP 357 4 barrel

10-20-2010, 6:43 AM
A COP double action pistol, chambered in 357 magnum. It works very well, I have shot it myself once and since then it has been a safe queen. It’s not perfect but it is nice and is a unique piece. Want to trade for a 9mm S&W MP 9C with a couple of extra mags. My daughter liked mine so much I gave it to her and now would like to replace it. Would consider an HK also but no Glocks [I have two already]. I live in the Antelope Valley but can drive as far as Orange County for a FTF.
I don’t get the Photobucket thing it’s just a little bit over my computer challenged head but I will be happy to email you pics please email me at r58132134@gmail.com
This is my first ad on CG so please excuse me if I left something out.