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10-16-2010, 12:53 PM
SOLD--Hello, I am posting this for a good friend. This is a package only and will not split up the lot.

Rifle is a H&K SR9-TC. Only 125 of these were made. Initially 25 were made in response to requests for an SR9T with the PSG1 butt stock. These were never listed in the H&K catalog. H&K added the SR9TC to their catalog the following year and imported only 100 of these rifles.

These were marked "TC" by H&K in Virginia as were the SR9T's. In 1989, the BATF had not determined what was considered acceptable as to what grips were fitted to the rifles by H&K USA the new rules were not set to be "in-force" until November 1990.

For years it was acceptable to reconfigure standard SR9 rifles to a T or TC configuration. T and TC rifles were not imported as that is why the receivers are hand stamped and not finished. The stamping was done at H&K USA.

More about SR9's: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_&_Koch_SR9

Price for Full Set-up: SOLD - FTF in NORCAL/BayArea/Willing to Ship to serious buyers - Bullet Button is installed. Condition is in MINT condition - only 100 rounds of match grade rounds through the barrel.

Items include:
2 x HK factory 5 round magazines
8 x HK factory steel 20 round rebuild kits
3 x HK factory aluminum 20 round rebuild kits
1 x aftermarket steel 50 round rebuild kit
HK factory claw scope mount
HK factory heavy bipod
HK factory steel light bipod
HK factory wide forearm
HK factory SR forearm
HK 1200 meter rear sight
HK ejection port buffer
HK sight tool
HK extra firing pin/pin spring - small brush kit
Magpul PRS tactical stock

Pics here: