View Full Version : For SALE Rock River AR-15 .223 Varmint A4 24' stainless and S&W Model 52-1

10-15-2010, 9:07 PM
I have a Rock River Varmint A4 24' .223 stainless barrel, with bi-pod and leatherwood Computer ART Series Scope. I have just taken it to the range and it's zerro'd in at 200 yds.

I have pictures of the rifle and target if you're interested... asking $1000 for complete package.

Pictures http://losmanpix.shutterfly.com/1387




I also a S&W Model 52-1 wadcutter 38, with 2 mags in original box, plus several 100 cast bullets and casings...asking $1000, it's worth a lot more. 1960's vintage..the finest, smoothest shooting auto yo will ever shoot.

PICTURES http://losmanpix.shutterfly.com/1349