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10-13-2010, 4:29 PM
Up for sale are 2 very nice PVS-14 night vision monoculars. The PVS-14 is is the gold standard of night vision devices. Not only is it compact and extremely rugged, it has can be mounted to helmets, head harnesses, cameras, weapons (outside of California) etc..the ways to use it and the available accessories are endless. These PVS-14s turn night into day, the brightness and clarity are unbelievable. These are true PVS-14 units that also feature an adjustable gain, which if you are in an urban environment is very nice to have. I have 2 PVS-14 units, and one M-703E "ENVIS" to choose from, however I plan to keep one for my use, so only 2 units are for sale. The M-703E has a nice normal 3rd gen tube but the 2 PVS-14 units have truly phenomenal quality hand picked tubes, definately not run of the mill units. Pardon the pictures, pictures were taken with my phone, and while this units can be adapted to camera applications, they dont work that great with my iphone camera. As an added bonus, I will include a new metal insert GripPod to the first person to buy one of the units.[B]
These are all made by ITT, ITT is the best in the business, far superior to ATN or the other lesser manufactuers. The bottom pic is a real picture from one of the PVS-14s, as you can see, there are no blemishes to the tube, in real life the clarity is much better, however this was taken with my camera phone but you can still see the lack of any imperfections. These prices are rock bottom, they are way way below prices on ebay and they are much superior in quality. To clarify some recent questions, both PVS-14s have the new gen 3 autogated Pinnacle intensifier tubes. The M-703E is a thin film gen 3 tube but it is not a Pinnacle. For a partial trades, I would not mind a nice leupold or better scope or other firearms as a trade , however the majority of the deal needs to be cash, as I am putting together cash for another project. These are not homebrewed clones, these are real deal PVS-14's made by the best in the business. Milspec only requires that the tube be free of defects in zone 1 (center of tube), these hand selected units far exceed that specification.

Unit 1 This is a PVS-14 manufactured by ITT and it has an excellent tube. The Tube has a no black spots in it, and is very clear. The case is in perfect condition and there are no scratches on the lens. Price for this unit is SPF

Unit 2 This unit is virtually identical to the other PVS-14, however the tube in this one is about as close to flawless as is possible. Truly the best tube that I have ever seen in any night vision device. It is also made by ITT. Price for this one will be $2700.

Unit 3 This is an M703E night vision scope manufactured by ITT. It has a very good commercial grade 3rd gen tube in it, but it has a few small imperfections in it that do not impair function. Spots are minor and away from the center of the tube. Tube quality is about the same as most of the commercial grade PVS-14s that sell for around $3,000 on Ebay. Externally it is about the same size as and resembles a PVS-14 but it has an on/off botton instead of a twist switch and it also has a fixed gain. The battery cap was cracked on this one but it has been repaired. This is a great night vision scope that is also head mountable or weapons mountable (as long as you arent in California." Price for this one is $1700. I have run this scope with a Larue ring mount on my M4 (outside of California) and it is great for hunting. Larue mount is not included. Pics show size of the optics and how it can mount behind an aimpoint, this is an excellent PVS-14 alternative for those on a budget.

10-14-2010, 5:24 PM
partial trades would be a nice magnified scope like a leupold vxIII or better, 308 ammunition, these prices are cash prices though, way lower than anywhere else online, Ill put them on ebay if I must but I am offering them at a sizeable discount here first, and the quality is way better than most of the PVS-14s you see online. Most of the units you see online are budget "entry level" 3rd generation with heavily flawed tubes...also many of the "PVS-14" style scopes online do not have an adjustable gain, and the "gen 3" tubes really arent any better than good 2nd gen nightvision. I prefer local buyers but I am willing to ship. Local buyers are welcome to test any of the units in person to verify the quality.

10-15-2010, 7:33 AM
a US Optic ST-10 with erek and mil. ???

10-17-2010, 2:53 PM
Still available..

10-18-2010, 5:06 PM
prices dropped, these will go to Ebay next if they dont sell this week, if anyone is looking for quality 3rd gen night vision, this is the by far the best priced available!

10-19-2010, 5:59 PM
PMs replied, these are still available and prices are dropped to rock bottom cash prices..added glock 22 as possible partial trades, if you have a fairly priced firearm of another variety dont hesitate to make an offer but the majority needs to be in cash.

10-19-2010, 6:50 PM
Are either of the PVS-14's autogated? Where did you purchase them from? Would you be interested in a partial trade in a excellent condition Nightforce NXS 3.5-15X50 rifle scope with NP-R1 reticle? Let me know, thanks.

Oh, and approximately how many hours on each tube? Any mounts included (weapon, helmet, etc)?

10-20-2010, 5:55 PM
none of these are spoken for yet guys, this is a great opportunity to save some huge money on quality 3rd gen night vision, all pms replied too, feel free to come check them out in person and verify the quality before you buy.

10-21-2010, 6:53 PM
Unit 1 is SPF llebras, I think Ill keep unit 2, unit 3 is available, Ill post pics up soon of unit 3.

10-23-2010, 11:01 AM
Ill get those pics up for the M-703 only one unit left.

10-24-2010, 11:17 AM
Pics up of the ITT M-703E! bump, PMs replied