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10-13-2010, 5:46 AM
I have decided to take a break from High Power since I'm focusing a lot of my time to some other business ventures.

Thus, I'm putting up one of my uppers for sale.

This is a Compass Lake Engineering National Match Upper. It is used and has already been rebarreled. The current configuration is:

CLE upper receiver
CLE rear sight (1/4 x 1/4 MOA) with a .036 non-hooded aperture (interchangeable)
CLE free float tube
White Oak Armament 20" 1:7" twist SS barrel (with WOA bolt, matched) .223 Wylde
White Oak bolt carrier and parts
White Oak Armament front sight base (windage adjustable) with .052" NM post

Note: When I rebarrelled it, I replaced the barrel (obviously), bolt, bolt carrier, gas tube, and front sight base.

I lost track of the round count in this upper because it was my practice upper. By I hazard a guess that it's got around 3,000 rounds through the existing barrel, but it should have plenty more life on it and it will certainly be useable for short range 200/300 yard practice. This is a solid complete upper for anyone who wants to start out HP at a reduced startup cost.

I don't really have any pictures of the upper as it is right now, but here's a photo set of when I rebarrelled it a couple years ago:


It pretty much looks the same now.

SOLD PENDING FUNDS Set price of $400. Shipping will be extra. FTF probably best so you can at least take a look at it (I'm in Riverside).



10-14-2010, 6:02 AM
Photos I took of the upper this morning:




10-15-2010, 5:56 AM
Still available.

10-15-2010, 12:36 PM
I'll take it.

12-16-2010, 6:42 PM
Is the upper still available?