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Ugly Dwarf
10-12-2010, 4:37 PM
I just wanted to drop in a plug for you guys.

I had a chance to do a PPT at Tracy Rifle and Pistol a couple weeks ago (picked up my GSG today) and just wanted to share my experience.

I've done PPT's (as both buyer and seller) at a number of shops and can't recall having one go as smoothly or as easily as this. Some shops put limitations on when they'll do them, others will do them any time but take a long time to do it and some shops treat you like a second class citizen when they help you. These guys were fast and professional. They were happy to help and had me in and out as quickly as they could (with out rushing, mind you).

While there, I had a chance to look around the shop and was pleasantly surprised at the selection they carry and the prices they offer. They are by no means the closest shop to me, but I could see making the drive out here in the future. If they were within 20-30 minutes of my house, I imagine they would become my go to shop.

Anyway, good job guys. I'll keep you in mind.

10-17-2010, 6:27 PM
Yeah, Im liking this place too.

They're friendly, knowledgeable and have a nice inventory of firearms.