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10-12-2010, 9:31 AM
I bought this earlier this year. It's a Cannon EX20 from Costco. It was never bolted down so it still rests on the pallet it was delivered with.

It's located in Orange, CA. I can't deliver, you'll need to pick it up yourself. Pick up will need to be on a weekend or weeknights after 7PM. It's located in a garage with a downward sloping driveway so it shouldn't be too difficult to get out.

It's a great safe, holds 14 guns depending on configuration. I'm also throwing in an electronic humidifier. Fire rating is 30 minutes, has an electronic lock, electrical passthrough, and weighs 420 lbs.

Measures 60"H x 28" W x 21" D

Here is a review that I read prior to buying this safe: http://az-rtkba.blogspot.com/2010/03/review-cannon-safe-ex20-sold.html

Cash price: $525 *sold*

Trades Considered:
Rifle optics (Eotech, POSP scopes, etc)
Beretta 96D
Ruger GP100/SP101
.308 DPMS uppers
C&R Pistols in 9mm/.45/7.62Tok
AK Parts Kits
Mac 11
...or something else? Make an offer!

I'd rather not pay any cash, so if it's not an even trade or trade+cash on your end I can't do it.

Disclaimer: You are 100% responsible for removing the safe from its current location, it's heavy, you might get hurt. Neither I, nor the property owner, will be held liable for any personal injuries or property damage as a result of you moving this safe. Any damage to the residence the safe is located in will be the responsibility of the purchaser. By agreeing to purchase or trade for this safe you are agreeing to all of these terms. All sales are final.

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24 hour bump!

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And again!

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What condition is it in? Any cosmetic damage? etc. etc.

You into computer stuff?

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