View Full Version : S&W M&P .45 full-size **SPF** $475 San Jose

10-11-2010, 5:57 PM
**Gun Is SPF thanks**

FTF only, can't ship, off-list. Sorry, but I can only use certain FFL's, near the greater San Jose area:

D. Chan
Sportsmen's Supply
Gun Vault if you must

The farthest I can go is City Arms and J&R in Livermore, on my schedule. It will be hard.

Mint condition M&P .45 full size, with three mags, box, backstraps, and Ameriglo three dot green/green trijicon night sights. Approx. 400 rounds fired, 100% reliable, no hand loads, no lead, no Wolf ammo through it. The off-list feature is the lack of magazine safety.