View Full Version : 1913 Winchester model 12 2barrel set

06-01-2006, 3:02 PM
I have a Winchester model 12 in 16ga 2 barrel set.Serial #'s put it @ 1913 and has all the matching serial #'s for the reciever and 2 barrels (1 MOD and 1Full). My grandfather had kept the gun in perfect condition. Where he got it from I am not sure. My question is has anyone seen a model 12 with a matching 2 barrel set from this early of a time for sale. I have looked on gunsamerica and gunbroker for almost a year and never seen another one come up for sale. I was thinking of selling it to get a 20ga O/U or the new CTi105 but not sure what to ask if I was going to sell it or if I even should. It is great to carry around looking for doves.