View Full Version : Glock 17 Magazine Problem?

Country Boy
10-05-2010, 1:01 PM
Hello All,

Any advice/insight would be appreciated. I have a gen. 3 glock 17. I have 1 10 round mag. that when used (1)sometimes fails to enable the slide to lock back in open position when last round is fired, and (2) on one occasion seems to have caused gun to go into full battery when mag is fully inserted (without touching slide stop or the slide). The questionable mag is of glock manufacture. I'm 95% certain that the problem is with the mag., not the gun. I have 5 other (glock manufacture) mags that work flawlessly. Possible fixes?


10-05-2010, 1:04 PM
Check the body of the magazine, especially around the lip area for any signs of damage.
Check the follower of the magazine, compare it to your other good magazines.

If there is no obvious physical damage swap the springs and followers in your good magazines until you find out which is causing the problem. Bad by swap is the easiest method of troubleshooting :)

Also if you slap the magazine hard enough or in the right way it will cause the slide to come forward. It shouldn't be used as a "training" method, just something to keep in mind.