View Full Version : Old wood and Plastic

05-28-2006, 7:32 AM

:cool: MJ:cool:

05-28-2006, 8:06 AM
They look great!:D I wish I could submit pictures as easy as you guys do:(

05-29-2006, 4:44 PM
but it did take me forever by trial and error. More of the latter. You can do it for less than $150 in gear or go crazy and spend a lot, your call.

$100 Fuji 3X FinePix2600z less today I would think.
$25 tripod from yard sale.
$25 for a big chip 32MB or 56MB is better

Use the timer and tripod and set the cam for no flash and have all the natural light you can get.

I don't want to see your floor or favorite chair or your untidy rec room. Use a natural one color back ground or spend another $15 at the Good Will for a few solid color tablecloths. A yard or two of the latest or oldes camo cloth workd well. Picture taken indoors tend to go yellow tint. This cam has MACRO for close ups. Crop the crap out of the back ground I don't want to see you dogs feet or shadow on edges so CROP! It also cuts the pic size down you want 7X5 for posting 125 to 150 MG. OR! Here is a super trick use Photo Bucket and sent full date to your album there and they size it for posting in lage clear pictures the are still postable. Are you with me? Sound off!