View Full Version : Kurt Jaeger-Mainz Engraved Remingont 721 .30-06

09-30-2010, 8:45 AM
I have a Remington Model 721 .30-06 Engraved by Kurt Jaeger-Mainz. I am trying to find someone who can give me an accurate value. I have been told between $1500-$6500. It a beautiful rifle with the engraveing. If anyone can help me out or can refer me to someone who can that would be great!


02-20-2011, 2:59 PM
Hello, I was checking out your thread on you wondering about Kurt Jaeger. From What I know from a custum rifle I got, Is He was a gunsmith that had several gunsmiths working for him. Truman And Patton both had his weapons. Many officers and hunting enthusiasts in Europe consigned rifles and pistols. He was an Uncle of Paul Jaeger, another gunsmith that became fairly well known in the 50's and 60's. He had a custum shop in Jenkintown PA. Today Dietrich Apel a master gunsmith with NECG might have some information on your rifle. Dietrich is Kurt Jaeger's nephew He is a great man in his eighties and does have some serial number records of much of what went on at the Mainz shop. Hope this helps.