View Full Version : Precision Rifle and Carbine Skill Builder - October 9th before Turkey Shoot

pennys dad
09-29-2010, 11:35 PM
Video of the First Skill Builder

Precision Rifle and Carbine Skill Builder - October 9th, 9am-5pm

Range Tac 3B. Precision rifle will be done in the morning and Combat Rifle is after lunch around 1pm.

Precision Rifle Skill Builder:
Backpack or range bag filled with range gear and other misc items (you'll be learning how to use it as a rifle support)
3 magazines
Slings are optional
200 rounds
Shooting mat optional (you can find foam mats at Walmart in the camping section for less than $10)

Combat Rifle Skill Builder:
Combat rifle/carbine
3 magazines
Magazine pouch or another method to carry your mags
Range bag or backpack filled with cleaning gear and misc items (for zeroing your rifle/carbine)
250 rounds
Shooting mat optional (for zeroing)

This skill builder was put together for the Tactical Turkey Shoot competitors. Other Calgunners and guests who are not competing are also welcome to bring out their rifles to this skill builder but competitors for the Turkey Shoot have priority. This skill builder is limited to 24 shooters.

Take advantage of this day and get the opportunity to build your skills on both weapons regardless of what you are shooting for the competition.

Check here for rules on equipment under Jacob's post. You'll want to train the same way you'll be shooting for the competition.

The cost of our skill builders is $30 for the whole day plus the $20 range fee that is paid directly to Burrow Canyon. Shooters can also stay for one portion of the skill builder and leave after they are done.

Please PM us if you are interested and can make these dates.

Make sure to bring your own lunch and water.