View Full Version : NV and UT multi-state class Oct 10th.

09-27-2010, 3:24 PM
If there is enough interest I will be offering more Fri and Mon one day complete NV/UT courses. Friday and Monday seem to be popular so that people can enjoy the trip to NV complete training and still have time to relax before heading home or come in enjoy then take the class.

This is going to be held near Reno NV and is for the NV and UT non resident CCW permits. It will be a one day course complete with qualification live fire and you may visit the sheriff office immediately aftrerwards to apply. No one else is running this type of course. They make you come in train and apply later. We don't. I see other permit courses here offering FL and UT for much more money and still yu can't visit NV. We will take care of that. NV UT and if you like FL. all for just $125.
To sign up or for more details please email directly to Gunrunner1911@hotmail.com.
Thank you.