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09-27-2010, 1:11 PM
I decided to go with the AR mag adapter and AR mags for my Saiga .223 so these gotta go.

Three (3) Promag 30rnd mag kits.

One Dinzag Arms bullet guide for a round trunion Saiga .223.


The mag kit bodies has been modified to work with the Dinzag bullet guide which is more reliable than the little plastic tabs that stick out on the mag body. Hence the tabs have been cut off to mate with the bullet guide. Its more reliable this way and the mags and bullet guide has been function tested. (10rnds per mag)

The bullet guide will include the allen head button screw, allen wrench drill and tap necessary for you to install on your round trunion Saiga .223 (Tap handle is not included)

I've been told that with the bullet guide installed, you can also use Galil mags on the Saiga .223 so long as the Galil mags have been modified to fit the Saiga .223 magwell and release.

10-04-2010, 7:28 PM