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09-26-2010, 4:50 PM
So I'm breaking in my DPMS pattern 308 this week. My stock, buffer, buffer tube, etc finally

arrived from DPMS on Wed. (great company, they make a mean upper, but they don't ship fast).

I played hookey on Friday (come on, you all would too!!). I wasn't immediately thrilled with the accuracy. I threw 40 or so Magtech 150 gr FMJs down range, followed by some old Speer 165 BTSPs over Varget. Neither grouped wonderfully. I came home, started giving it a light cleaning (soaking with Hoppes #9 and swabbing with patches only). Then I did what any red-blooded California reloader would. I searched Calguns for everybody's favorite 308 accuracy load. 175 grain Sierra Match Kings over Varget seemed to be a theme, so I started with those (thanks to Turners), over 42.0 grains of Varget with a Win WLR to light it off. (Thanks to gau17, stockton, and ironhiide for the recipes). Anyway, here's the second target of the day (the first was some fowlers). This target has 7 bullets on it. The inner circle is 1.5" dia, the second, 3". This is the standard 100,200,300 yard qualifier I used at Badlands Tactical a couple of years ago. I'm liking this gun already. It's only got about 60 rounds through it, and still has the 7-ish lb military trigger. My JP custom 4.5 pounder is already on the way (need to stay high enough for CMP competition). The current trigger has - no exaggeration - at least 3/16" to 1/4" of creep. Next week I'll have the trigger and and move from the bench to the ground for prone from the bipod (I normally shoot better prone from a bipod than from the bench - I don't know why). Thanks to Rguns.net and Shades of Gray Tactical for the rapid response in getting this gun together fast. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!!!


09-26-2010, 7:28 PM
Did you break in the barrel, or shoot all 60 at once?

09-26-2010, 7:30 PM
breaking in barrels is a wives tale.

09-26-2010, 7:54 PM
breaking in barrels is a wives tale.

+9000 op check out the second link in my sig

09-27-2010, 8:23 PM
You know, so much has been written about barrel break in and cleaning. A lot of it is conflicting. I do what works for me. The accuracy of my 7mm Rem mag falls off after 200 rounds, so I clean it, and all is good again. I should have burned through that barrel 800 rounds ago, but it still shoots less than 1 MOA. As far as break-in goes, I'm not cleaning after every round. I just space out my shots so as to avoid too much heat. I'm only cleaning every 40 or so rounds right now will probably clean every few hundred from here after (more often if necessary). Obviously, during rapid fire stages, I won't be able to be easy on her. To answer El_Nin0619, I fired 40-50 the first day, did a very light cleaning, then blew 35 on Sunday. What kept me from shooting more was a time constraint (my 4-year old wanted to shoot his gun). I consider it broken in already. As McMillan says, the barrel will only get worse from here.