View Full Version : P60 Dropins, 445 lumens, 1/3 mode.

09-25-2010, 1:44 PM
I've been building these for a while now and selling them exclusively on candlepowerforums.com.

These are are P60 (SF style) dropins for a 2x123, all metal sized light, but designed to be run on 1x rechargable li-ion battery, i.e. 18650, 17670, etc for MUCH lower operating costs vs 123's.

The LED is the latest Cree XP-G emitter, which when driven at 1400ma nets ~420 emitter lumens (R4) and ~445 emitter lumens (R5) respectively. After lens, reflector and heat losses, these modules settle to around 290 or 300 real OTF lumens. (Tested by bigchelis in an integrating sphere). The beam pattern is biased toward flood, but will still net higher LUX (throw) with higher overall brightness than an x300. There are a couple of PD officers who run this in their SF 618LFG with good results.

They feature:
- Solid copper slug thermally attached to base
- Reflector is thermally bonded to base
- Electronics & leads are fully potted with thermally conductive compound
- Inner spring is epoxy bonded to driver board
- Copper strip included for maximum heat transfer from dropin to host body
- Designed to be able to withstand heavy shock for weaponlight applications

I have both single mode and 3 mode dropins (high, medium and low with mode memory).
To anyone familiar with Malkoff dropins (Used by magpul), here is a video comparing the two.

If anyone is interested, the sales thread on CPF is here (http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=278902), but you can just PM me if you want one, OR if you're local, stop by parallax tactical and and I can demo one for you. Bring your light to compare :)

0D0 bin (Cool) R5 1.4A 3 mode dropin - $51 shipped
0D0 bin (Cool) R5 1.4A single mode dropin - $46 shipped
5B1 bin (Neutral) R4 1.4A 3 mode dropin - $50 shipped
5B1 bin (Neutral) R4 1.4A single mode dropin - $45 shipped


VS a P60L (80 OTF lumens)

09-30-2010, 5:41 PM
Posted pictures vs a P60L.