View Full Version : Viridian X5 Green Laser - LIKE NEW and CHEAP

09-24-2010, 6:59 PM
this is the best green laser money can buy. this is the viridian x5 green laser...universal fit. i have literally only used this laser about 3 hours total. it is on perfect working order and cosmeticly it is also perfect. has 4 modes....on, and 3 diffrent strobe modes. ambidex use and has a built in pressure switch. very nice laser. this model is dicountinued and now onlt available with a flashlight. this model can be upgraded to the x5l (flashlight model) by purchasing the flashlight piece if you want. viridians retail for $300...im selling this one at $175. comes with box, manual, etc etc. $5 shipping. this price for a very very limited time!! metroplexserpentcenter@yahoo.com

09-25-2010, 2:37 PM
I'll take it.