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***The only Vickers Tactical 1911 Gunsmith Class scheduled for 2011***

Vickers Tactical 1911 6-Day Gunsmith Class - Oct 3-8, 2011 - College Station, Texas


www.vickerstactical.com (http://www.vickerstactical.com)


LAV tuning a students 1911 in a past class;

Larry Vickers is a decorated US Army Special Forces veteran and national pistol champion. Mr. Vickers has nearly two decades of special operations experience (1 SFOD-Delta), much of which was spent as his unit’s Primary Firearms Instructor. In addition to his special operations accomplishments, his competitive shooting has yielded a 10th and 9th place finish in the 1993 and 1994 USPSA Limited Nationals as well as a 1st place finish in CDP class at the 2001 IDPA Mid-Winter Nationals at Smith & Wesson. Mr. Vickers is a founding member of IDPA. In addition to being a highly experienced operator and national pistol champion, Mr. Vickers is also one of the premier 1911 pistolsmiths in the country and his work has been featured in several firearms publications and on the cover of American Handgunner. In addition to all this, Mr. Vickers has served as a consultant and technical expert to the firearms industry. Mr. Vickers is featured on two new firearms, tactics, and accessories focused T.V. shows called Tactical Impact and Tactical Arms.


Grey Group Training:
www.greygrouptraining.com (http://www.greygrouptraining.com)

Vickers Tactical 1911 6-Day Gunsmith Class - Oct 3-8, 2011 - College Station, Texas‎

In this class students will build their own custom 1911 under the tutelage of Mr. Vickers. Each student will build a complete custom 1911 from a box of oversize gunsmith fit parts; complete details of fitting an oversize match barrel, slide to frame fit, fitting and blending thumb and grip safeties, trigger job, complete blending of all components for a custom pistol are covered. In addition metal checkering is discussed and practiced on a limited scale. Recommended parts and sources are also covered. This is the complete package and is a great start to anyone wanting to do get into building custom 1911’s. Students of this course have had very positive comments thus far. Max class size is 7 and a specific tool and part list (student supplied) is part of this course.

Topics covered:
- How to fit an over sized slide and frame
- How to fit a match grade barrel to your slide…
- Fitting the upper lugs
- Cutting lower lugs and fitting the barrel link
- Reaming the chamber
- Cut feed ramp on frame to proper depth and angle
- Cut feed ramp on barrel
- Barrel bushings
- Grip safeties
- Plunger tubes
- Fitting ejectors
- Triggers and proper adjustment
- Mag releases
- Grip bushings and grips
- Extractors
- Firing pin stop
- Springs
- Slide stops
- Sear, disconnector, hammer and hammer strut
- S&A magwells
- Sight installation and sight in
- Carry bevel treatment
- Lubrication
- Routine maintenance
- Function tests and test firing procedures
- Peen Down method of slide to frame fit was explained and demonstrated on one of Larry’s 1911’s.
- Finishes
- Magazine selection
- Mill work and modifications
- Checkering
- Various 1911 parts and tools specific to the 1911 Pistolsmith business.

Instructor: Larry Vickers

Class dates: Oct 3-8, 2011

Cost: $2375

Location: Millican, Tx

Range facilities:
Cawthon Cartridge Club.
9000 Bob Moore Rd,
Millican, Tx 77878, USA
Tel: (979) 777-0100

Range website:
www.cccshooters.com (http://www.cccshooters.com)

Required 1911 Parts & Tools;
A complete list of required 1911 parts and tools required for this class will be sent to each student after sign-up or is available for anyone else interested in attending. If you would like to see the list please feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in attending this class please use this link to the Grey Group Training sign-up page:
http://stores.greygrouptrainin...THING-OCT/Detail.bok (http://stores.greygrouptraining.com/-strse-3602/LAV-6-dsh-DAY-GUNSMITHING-OCT/Detail.bok)

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;