View Full Version : Just moved into SLO and wanting to work, anywhere

09-21-2010, 4:22 PM
Hey all,

I just moved to SLO to attend school and just finally got all settled in this week. Now, it is time to start the job hunt. If anyone in or around the area knows of someone looking for some new, reliable help please let me know.

Here's my background:

I'm 24yo male with a work history of two years delivery driver, four-and-a-half years active duty army (logistics in a special operations unit), and just under a year at a retail chain (gamestop). I've been told on more than one occasion from different managers/bosses that I have an outstanding work ethic and am a fast learner.

I go to school 730am-7pm on Tue/thur and 11am-4pm on mon/wed. I'm free all day fri-sat and have no problems working nights any day of the week.

Thanks for looking and appreciate any heads up given, Jon.

Tom Slick
09-21-2010, 4:28 PM
Good luck, I've been looking for decent paying work for almost a year.
Your class times are going to kill most jobs.
Delivery driver could work.
Are you going to Poly?

09-21-2010, 7:13 PM
Nah, just started Cuesta. I was thinking trying to find work early morning or late, late evening at like a grocery or convenience store.

09-21-2010, 10:53 PM
Another "good luck" wish.. I lived in Los Osos for 5 years, and after only being able to find short term jobs, I moved back up to the Bay Area about two months ago.... I would suggest UPS.. They hire for odd shifts in the warehouse... I think someone has to die for you to get a driving job...

I would also check SLOjobs.com Lots of companies that are student schedule friendly post there....

The one thing I miss about SLO is living within walking(nice long walk) distance of the Hogue range... IDPA, IPSC, and lots of other shooting organizations have events there... I did IDPA Steel matches,,,, AND I DIDN'T SUCK!!!!

Tom Slick
09-22-2010, 8:30 AM
I went to Cuesta for a loooong time.

Are you taking any math classes?

09-25-2010, 2:11 PM
Its tough to find work around here. I just managed to find a job a year ago. I would recommend driving south to Santa Maria for work. I was there over the summer and businesses are still opening up (both small and corporate) and houses are still being built. You would likely find work quickly. The SLO market on the other hand is saturated with students so you are competing against a large, but temporary, labor market.