View Full Version : Economy .308 scope--Center Point 3-9x32 ar22 series or Bushnell Sportsman 4-12x40?

09-19-2010, 7:06 PM
I'm getting ready for my first deer hunting season and funds are running low for equipment. I tried to sight in my Sako Forester .308 carbine with Mannlicher stock the other day, and after each shot the old 4x32 scope that came with it would go off center (the bullet would move up and to the right every time). I picked up two scopes in my price range at wallyworld and plan to return at least one, a Bushnell Sportsman 4-12x40 model 720412c for $55 and a Center Point 3-9x32 AR22 series for the same price. The Center Point has flip-open covers, red/green mil-dot, 1/4" moa, 50 yard parallax setting, and CLAIMS to handle up to a .416 Rigby despite being advertised as great .22lr scope. Are either of these scopes worth the money? I don't need awesome performance, I plan to zero it in at 100 yards and doubt I will be making any shots over 200 yards. I just really want a scope that will keep its zero after several shots from the .308. I will be going up to the B zone here in CA, probably in the Trinity Alps or the Six Rivers National Forest. I leave a week from today (Sunday) for my hunting trip, and my options are to keep one of these two scopes or return them both and either buy another for a similar price or save for a better scope, and then use my Winchester model 94 30-30 with iron sights this coming trip (I can get ~4" groups at 100 yards from a bench with the 30-30). What is the terrain like in the Trinity Alps--would I likely be needing to make shots over 100 yards? I am very familiar with the Sierras but have only been to the B-zone areas a few times for car camping.

09-20-2010, 9:05 AM
It can just be so tempting to cut corners sometimes. I must admit I would feel kinda silly putting a $55 scope on this rifle; I splurged and bought a slightly used Redfield Revolution 3-9x40 on ebay with flip up covers and leupold mounts. What I really want is a scope that I won't ever have to worry about and will hold zero on a high recoil rifle, and from I've read the new Redfield scopes fit the bill. Lets hope it gets here in time to sight it in for the hunt, otherwise i'll be taking the 30-30 with me and saving the .308 for next time.