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05-18-2006, 5:26 PM
In case you were not aware of this.....



Come Shoot With Us In The Largest Hands-On Shooting Event In The Nation

Turner's Outdoorsman Presents

The Raahauge's 2006 Shooting Sports Fair


June 2,3,4 at Raahauge's Shooting Enterprises in Corona,Ca. 14495 River Rd. (Hellman & River Rd) Corona, CA 92880.

Fri. noon to 6pm, Sat. 10am till 6pm,

Sun 10am till 5pm.


Friday Only - June 2, Women & Children Are Free.

Otherwise $12 Per Day For Adults

Children 14 And Under Free.

PARKING: $3.00 - Good For One Entry And A Chance To Win A Howa 1500 .223-Cal Rifle With A Nikko Stirling Scope. A $950.00 Value! Be Sure To Stop By Any Turner's Outdoorsman And Pick Up A $2.00 Off Admission Discount Coupon.

Stop By The Turner's Booth And Register To Win An AMSEC BF6032 Gun Safe.

A $1,269.99 Value!

Exhibitions And Seminars:

Hands-On Shooting Of Firearms, Speed Pistol Exhibitions By Jerry Miculek, And Todd Jarrett, Tom Knapp-Shotgun Exhibition, Paul Cacciatori of Starlight Kennels With Hunting & Retriever Dog Seminars, Hunting And Personal Protection Seminars, Conservation Organizations, Wildlife Artisans, Outdoor Sports Exhibits, Game Calling Seminars And Cowboy Single Action Shooting, Jimmy Rizzo With Elk Calling And Hunting And Varmint Calling, Ed Rister With Waterfowl Calling, Jim Matthews With Quail Calling and Call Making, Hog Hunting With Durwood Hollis

Come On Out And Shoot The Firearms

From many leading Manufacturers!

================================================== =====

Main Firing Line

Beretta - Handguns / Rifles /Shotguns

Remington - Rifles / Shotguns

Stoeger - Rifles / Shotguns

Ruger - Handguns / Rifles / Shotguns

Heckler & Koch - Handguns / Shotguns

Springfield Armory - Handguns / Rifles

Glock - Handguns


Wilson Combat








Benelli - Shotguns

Uberti - Rifles

Styer - Rifles

CZ - Handguns / Rifles

RWS - Airguns

Heritage - Handguns

Marlin - Rifles

Silma - Shotguns

Escort - Shotguns

H&R - Shotguns

Maverick - Shotguns

New England Firearms - Shotguns

Franchi - Shotguns

Howa - Rifles

Smith & Wesson - Handguns

Walther - Handguns

Winchester/Browning- 5 stand

Puma - Rifles

Tikka - Rifles

Thompson Center Arms

Sako - Rifles

Magnum Research - Handguns / Rifles

Savage - Rifles

Mossberg - Shotguns

Para Ordnance - Handguns

Turner's Women & Youth Booth

Shooting Sports Alliance - Steel Plate Reactive Targets!

Sporting Clays Course - Wolf Ammo

IPSC- Running Guns

================================================== =====


(FTA) Firearms Training Associates

California Waterfowl Assoc.

National Wild Turkey Federation

Ducks Unlimited

Quail Unlimited

Safari Club International

Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation

05-19-2006, 8:30 PM
I really like goin to these. Great to be abe to shoot instead of just looking.

05-19-2006, 11:58 PM
Anyone been B4 and know the cost per round or gun?
I'm asking because I need to know how much cash to bring.
Is it like going to a bar for happy hour on Tuesday? Or like being the best man comping everyone at the strip club?

05-20-2006, 6:21 AM
Anyone been B4 and know the cost per round or gun?
I'm asking because I need to know how much cash to bring.
Is it like going to a bar for happy hour on Tuesday? Or like being the best man comping everyone at the strip club?

It used to be $1 for 5 rounds for the most part. Last year there were those that were $2 for 5 rounds so this year I would suspect that there are going to be many who do $2 for five rounds. If you want to shoot guns that have the expensive calibers like the 500 S&W then those are going to be $1 a round.

05-25-2006, 10:17 AM
I guess they don't let you bring your own factory ammo? :rolleyes:


glen avon
05-25-2006, 12:00 PM
Anyone been B4 and know the cost per round or gun?
I'm asking because I need to know how much cash to bring.
Is it like going to a bar for happy hour on Tuesday? Or like being the best man comping everyone at the strip club?

bring lots, $100 or so. the fun stuff ain't cheap, but it is always worth it.

get there EARLY so lines are shorter and temps are cooler and the guns don't break or run out of ammo. there is a line to get in even before they open.

run right to the bigger stuff, i.e., 500 S&W, .45-70 BFR, 454 casull, 460 Wby, .50 BMG, because that stuff is the most popular. the sig & S&W booths also pack out; ruger, taurus, marlin, beretta less so.

05-27-2006, 6:06 PM
This may go without saying but for those that are not in the know...

You'll need to bring your eye/ear protection with you. If you are going but are not planning to shoot (or if you bring someone who is not) you should bring extra ear protection. Some booths have the foam ones for free and others charge a small amount but if you bring your own, you can put them in right away.

05-28-2006, 9:48 AM
i bring about $250. every manufacturer charges diferently for different calibers. usually like 5 rounds for $2 on 223, or something like that. what gets me is bushmaster will be out there!

06-02-2006, 1:54 AM
I went last year. Fun. I shot 25 guns in one day and scored a few freebies. I think at some of the boothes they have pins. At one booth, I scored an Otis cleaning kit for free. They also have some canvas bags hanging on a rack, Grab one of those to toss your crap in while walking.

last year on Sunday, Jerry M. did a shooting expo. DAMN FAST.


06-08-2006, 5:09 PM
Am I the only one who is wondering why the spectators are charged admission to this event? When you think about it, Raahauge's is making out because they are getting people out there to see their operation; a potential money maker. And you know Raahauges is charging the vendors to set up their booths there. So they are making money off the gun manufacturers. Then, the gun manufacturers are also going to be getting sales from people who like their guns, etc. So why charge the spectator?

If Turners and the other gun shops around here started charging $5 to go into their stores and look at guns, would you pay it?

Don't get me wrong, I had fun shooting some of the guns I wanted to try out, but I still have a sour taste in my mouth from having to give Raahauges $10 to walk around on their dirt field. I would have much rather spent that money on ammo or refreshments.

06-08-2006, 6:46 PM
Maybe it is to cover operating costs? Who knows, they might have higher insurance premiums during events like this.

06-10-2006, 5:29 PM
There is a lot of work that goes into the event. All the fencing is rented and put up, the fields are mowed so people can actually park, extra port a potties are put in, all sorts of structures, platforms, walkways etc and repaired to look more presentable and handle the extra traffic. Staff has to be hired to man the gate, run supplies around, handle any equipment problems etc.

Plus Mike like any businessman is looking to make a buck. Can't blame him for that this is America. I don't know of many events like this in California so maybe $10 is not a whole lot to ask for all the effort that went into the event. But then again people will always complain.

06-10-2006, 6:28 PM
beats the snot out of a movie, and all the money goes to the right folks.