View Full Version : WTS: MRE's, '91 Preban Kit, Facog, Ammo Cans, G-30 Mags, BDM Magazine, TT MAV Rig

Funky Monkey
09-13-2010, 8:37 PM
I would like to sell the following as a lot. Hopefully there is someone out there who would like to buy lots of stuff all at once.
Up for sale:

Beater AR-15: this was my first build and there some noobie assembly scratches here and there. It is an M&P-15 that has ~300 rounds down the barrel. The other parts I have no idea since they were bought used little by little and over time.

Stripped Lower: Another M&P-15. Used and has some blemishes.

PMAG "M" Revision Rebuild Kits (5): pics were taken out of state so just relax.

PMAG "M" Revision 10/30 (3): Has ranger plates and bottoms are sealed. Bought them form Ty of Midwest PX.

G-30 10-round mags (2)

Facog: the one that Jeffu sells.

BDM AR-22 mag

Tactical Tailor MAV Chest Rig: battle tested in Iraq.

MRE Cases: Menu A. Unopened.

Ammo cans.

I do believe that what I am offering is a good deal. I am even willing to drive up to 100 outside of my area to do a ftf. Have it all for $1,500.

See the pics here... http://s985.photobucket.com/albums/ae333/funkymonkey1982/

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09-16-2010, 10:56 PM
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