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09-13-2010, 5:48 PM
Receiver--- 5710XX
Barrel--- S-A-9-49
Bolt--- D28287-12SA S-A1 Diamond
Op-rod--- D35382 3 SA-9 Flat uncut
Trigger Housing---D28290-5-SA-8
Trigger Guard--- Forged, no drawing number
Hammer--- SA 5546008
Hammer Spring Guide--- No wings
Safety--- SA_11 With hole
Bullet Guide--- Stamped
Clip Latch--- Round front
Follower Assembly--- 12
Follower Rod--- Long
Lower Band--- Arched
Rear Hand Guard Clip--- Flat
Gas Cylinder--- Wide base
Rear Sight--- T105E
Elevation Knob--- WCE
Windage Knob--- BME

The rifle is the one on top in the picture. The stock is a Dupage that I striped and hand rubbed with five coats BLO. All stock metal is USGI. The butt plate is WWII and in good shape. The receiver looks gray in the pictures but is a nice light green. All parts look like original finish from a 1949 rebuild, I belive all parts to be from the rebuild as well. Except the hammer and stock set. The barrel has a little rub mark on top in front of the hand guard. looks like it came from a rifle rack. This is a beautiful rifle. Was 850.00 now 700.00. Somebody needs to take this home.



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