View Full Version : Question about KAC RAS authenticity

09-13-2010, 2:13 PM
So about a year ago I bought a KAC RAS set on the ARFCOM EE. I'm pretty sure it's real. It came in the black vinyl case with all the rail covers and vfg, but I've always wondered since I got it for like 160.

I don't think it was a factory second cuz don't those have an S on them?

Here are all the things that I know ARE correct.
It has the correct numbering on top T14-T28.
It has the correct pat #5.826.363.
The top reads:
Titusville, FL
CAGE NO. 1S002

Here are the main things that make me wonder.
There is no cage no on the vfg.
& The etching on the heatshield or whatever the forward arrow and the KAC logo are upside down from the cage no and factory name

Unfortunately, I don't have a camera, but what do you think?

09-16-2010, 3:24 PM
bump....seller was usagold if anyone has experience with him. He's been on there since 02 so i guess thats a good sign