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09-11-2010, 3:46 PM
I'm not sure how long these have been on the market, but I saw Copes was selling these and thought I would give one a try.

My thoughts;

Using the one I bought, I put 40 trouble free rounds through a WASR-10/63 today. Not alot, but I was also trying out some 10/30's.

I did have to open-up the back of the magwell with a dremel to get it to fit in. It still isn't as open in the back as an Arsenal magwell. And it's not open enough for a Bulgy 10 rounder to fit in either. But a little dremel or file work should get the Tapco in.

After opening-up the back area, the side to side and lock-in fit was perfect, but my WASR didn't have any mag wobble with steel mags (Henderson certified).

Yesterday I was trying to run some steel 10 rounders I bought at Turners, but I kept having feeding problems. I went back today to make sure it wasn't the gun. The Tapco worked great, as did two of my three 10/30s. (I think the third had a weak spring issue).

I know, Tapco is usually junk, but for under $10 (brownells.com just started carrying these), I'm happy. Even their 30 rounders have been quoted as being decent range mags on other forums. And they're all US made, so that may allow you to swap in more foreign parts.

And I do have some 10/30's, but wanted some cheap 10 rounders.

I ordered another 4 from Brownells. I'll post if I have any problems with them.

Anyway, that's my quick review. Just thought I'd share.

Due to the many legal restrictions on magazine capacities in some states, we now offer a 10 round version of our popular AK-47 magazine. This high strength composite magazine offers the aggresive look and feel of our standard 30rd AK-47 magazine but limited to only 10 rounds. The high strength composite floorplate creates solid gripping surface. Every component is made in the U.S.A. making it count at 3 U.S. Sec. 922r compliant parts.



09-11-2010, 4:19 PM
I have used the 30 rounders of those when I was in WA and they were flawless (I had 4 since my order came with two of those)...The uglier waffle ones are good as well. I am hoping to pick one of those up at tomorrow's gun show in Ventura. I still prefer the steel ones though.

The best AK mags were 20 rounders I got at a show up in WA but alas we cannot have 20 rounds here so they are useless.

09-11-2010, 5:14 PM
the mags feed great! however the little tab on the back WILL break off if you slap the back of the magazine in the gun with another magazine, (for example, if you miss the mag release in a speed reload)

Also the feed lips WILL break if dropped on concrete where the feed lips hit the ground first.

Aside from that though... all reports seem to be good. just be aware that they are not the hardest use mags in the world. If I was going to war, I would have bulgy steel mags in, but for the range/whatever these are probably fine.

(as an afterthought, if you did break the tab off doing a speed reload the mag would still drop and the tab would just fall out of the reciever, so you could still feed a new mag, you just wouldn't be able to re-use the old one)

I use tapcos in my AK, they work very well.