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09-11-2010, 2:26 PM
Well i owned an XD .40 and loved it like no other. but then one day i decided i had to try a glock for myself.

So i purchased a G23. so yesterday i took it out for the first time. first i stood at 7yrds and took one shot, then lined up my sights on that hole and took another shot ..SAME EXACT HOLE! if i didnt know i shot two bullets id think only one shot was fired by looking closely at the target.. so i thought to myself that was a fluke. so i shot the rest of that mag at the same group. i ended up with a group that could be covered by a quarter (10 rnds).

in a comparison with my XD having been shooting it for quite some time, i could get relatively tight groups maybe 2 inches @ 7yrds. i give most of the smaller group sizing credit of the glock to its lighter trigger. less strain is goin to make for a tighter group

So i shot the glock for a little more and was in LOVE.

so today i took it to a pistol competition (my first one) and put a couple hundred more rounds through it with no issues what so ever. (not that the XD isnt just as reliable) but let me note that alot of guys glocks at this competition were jamming ALOT but so were bassically all brands. but i think alot of there issues could be solved by actually taking care of the gun and oiling and cleaning them properly.

so anyways the moral of my story is id like to reccomend people who have never shot a glock to atleast try one out, you may love it.

here are a few Glock 23 benefits over the XD .40 in my opinion:

-lighter, crisper trigger
-lighter overall weight
-less recoil felt
-more comfortable in MY hands
-little easier to clean certain areas in a feild strip
-slide coating rejects oil, water etc better
-magazines take abuse better (dropping in dirt or on hard surfaces etc)
-better accuracy
-shorter reset trigger position

now this is after only a few hundred rounds trigger time so take from it what you will.

also let me add that the G23 may require the extended magazine release to be as easy to use quickly as the XD. as of now the only upgrades ive done are steel night sights.(i refuse to have a combat POU gun with plastic sights).

other then the magazine release and sights i dont see any other NEEDED upgrades right now.

alot of guys like to change out the slide release. my question is why make the slide release bigger. you should never touch it in "combat" anyways.

this is my .02 if you dissagree with everything i just typed thats ok too.


09-11-2010, 3:32 PM
It's called a slide stop, Glocks rules!

SIGman Freud
09-11-2010, 3:52 PM
Hey Kenny!

So, you have had the benefit of having an XD 40 before shooting the Glock 23. I know of more people liking the XD over the Glock for the ergonomics, slimmer profile, and supposedly less felt recoil. You think that the G23 has less felt recoil? Interesting. I guess each person will have to try both, as you have, to make the final determination.

I have been curious about the XD series pistols, but have been reluctant to purchase (even though there have been lots of good deals in my local area for new XD guns). Most of my uncertainty over the XD has been largely personal--I have trained so long with the G23, that it would take me a new approach to learn the XD 9/40 pistols. The other reason for my reluctance to buy a new XD has been the fud over the QC regarding the fact that the gun is made in Croatia. I have also talked with a variety of gun owners who have traded in their XD's for something else.

I wonder if the full size XD 45 would be a better option for me long term.

09-11-2010, 5:13 PM
My only problem with the glock is the angle of the grip. I do not think it is worth buying the gun and having the grip reduced or the angle changed.
I like my XD as it has the same basic angle as the 1911. As for reliability I have no issues to speak of. One of the other reasons I bought my 9mm tactical is that it uses the berreta mags issued by the military. The original xd's (H2000) were released with berretta mags before they came with the SS mags they currently ship with. To each his own. I have been late to the polymer pistol and still like an all steel gun.

09-11-2010, 5:39 PM

09-12-2010, 5:23 AM
SIGman, I think you just have to rent it and try it. I'll tell you the what I personally think about opinion online, mines included... it's just our opinion and sad to say it but ALOT of opinion are FUD. kinda like here, if you don't own a 1911 or am AR your an idiot. Same as Glock vs XD vs M&P vs CZ etc..

you just have to try it yourself and judge by what YOU think is best.

09-12-2010, 7:34 AM
I have a G23 and love it. One more thing you can do is it add a 9mm conversion barrel and a G19 magazine (total price around $140) and you can shoot 9mm rounds (just like a G19) in a matter of minutes !