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09-10-2010, 10:23 PM
So I recently purchased the Hammerhead grip from Exile Machine. I bought the ACE AR-UL-E Stock for a type 2 configuration. What I am wondering is that do I really need a pistol tube or will just the normal carbine tube be ok to use as I cannot put a stock on it in this configuration. Thanks

09-11-2010, 12:07 AM
What did the stock man suggest? Most of the time they want u to switch back to the stock mil sec tube and take out the spacer mist A2 use. I'm not exactly farmilar with yr stock and grip but if u send me a link Ill look it up. But try a mil spec tube of take it to a shop that spec in yr set up and they'll have mutable tubes u can try

09-11-2010, 9:08 AM
thanks for the advice maybe i should have explained it a bit better.
If you scroll down and find the type 2 configuration it has a Pistol buffer tube. I used to have a collapsable stock, thus the car buffer tube is on there. My question is: is it kosher for me to keep the Car buffer tube on the rifle or do i have to use a pistol buffer tube.

09-11-2010, 9:28 AM
What length gas system do you have? Start there and figure out what you need as far as buffer length and buffer weight and that will tell you what your options are.

09-11-2010, 9:55 AM
What I am trying to ask is that is there any legal issues i would run into keeing the Car buffer tube on my rifle instead of replacing it with a pistol buffer tube.

Exile Machine
09-11-2010, 7:36 PM
There should be no legal issues with using a CAR buffer tube instead of a pistol tube. Post up some photos of your config.