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09-10-2010, 9:37 AM
I bought this of another calgunner a year or two ago.
It had some problems, namely a very very dirty bore a cracked handguard and a very beat up stock,missing some metal pieces (barrel band retaining spring, barrel band sling loop, rear sight slider, buttstock plate eroded away....)

I scrubbed the bore as best as possible, and it still was filthy, I then plugged up the chamber with a cork and left hoppes #9 in for a week.
a lot of sludge came out and now I can see pretty sharp grooves and lands, I will try to get a picture.

Next I had the handguard split fixed by candyman on surplus rifle forum, he did an excellent job, thoroughly professional, I also shipped him a replacement original miltary stock and had him stain both stock and handguard to the same nice dark finish.

I ordered all the replacement parts needed and now the rifle is back to .mil config

now here comes the rub.
I can't get it to extract, I reckon its a burr in the chamber, as when the gas is off and you hand cycle after pulling the trigger it takes a lot of effort to get the spent casing out. The brass is also marked as if it dragged against a burr on the way out.

Some valve grinding compound, a wire chamber brush and electric drill wll probably take car of this.

I'm selling this as a C&R cash and carry deal for $500
shipping will be extra and require at least an 03FFL
also included are a bayonet and gas adjustment tool
Only trade I'm interested in is a basic AR upper



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09-21-2010, 8:43 PM
I am interested in the rifle, is the bore and rifling in good condition? I am willing to drive down your way if you are willing to hold on to the rifle for a week. I just had surgery on my rotator cuff and it is hard for me to get around. Let me know what is up. Thank you.