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El Barto
09-09-2010, 2:12 PM
I need some electrical work done to my house, located just north of Long Beach off the 710. What I need is basically to run wires and drop 5 new outlets, each on a dedicated breaker and add a breaker to an existing line (maybe).

I tried getting quotes from cold calling out of the yellow pages, but of the 7 electricians that I called, only 2 came out and only one gave a quote. I had another quote from a friendís brother, but honestly, Iíd rather give the work to a Calgunner.

In my house, I have 100 amp service and just about everything is wired up to a single 30 amp breaker on a subpanel. I originally wanted to separate each room onto its own breaker, but I was told that it would be cheaper and easier to just drop a new, dedicated outlet in each room. So, it would be a total of 5 that I want dropped, plus a breaker for an odd line run through the crawlspace/attic. The one for the garage not be needed.

The quotes I got were for $75 for each outlet, but I am figuring $500 to $600 for everything I want done. Is this possible? Anyone that feels they are competent and can do this to code is welcome to give me a shout.


For those that need one, I found a great electrician. This guy is licensed, bonded, insured and really knows his stuff. He did exactly what I needed the right way and I am more than pleased. He found a lot of little things that were missed during our home inspection and I plan on having him fix those later this year. Him and his son are hard workers and great people. His name is Colin Caesar and his email is czarenterprise@yahoo.com. I highly recommend. If you have any questions, pm them to me.

09-09-2010, 3:06 PM
I complement you on putting the absolutely perfect number of digits in that zip.

El Barto
09-10-2010, 6:37 AM
No, zip code is correct, 90221. Maybe you got confused with area code.

09-10-2010, 7:18 PM
Sorry, I was thinking 90270 on autopilot and it just didn't click.

So this is how old-timers starts.

You damn kids get off my lawn.....

El Barto
09-10-2010, 9:35 PM
lol. Funny you mention lawns, I'll be posting soon seeking advice on mine.

09-14-2010, 10:20 PM
I'm in the same zip, formally worked as electrician but may know a person or two. How soon do you need it done?