View Full Version : **Imposter using Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc**

09-09-2010, 11:47 AM
Hi Everyone. This is Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc in Temecula. We have been notified by Guns America that an individual or group is using the Shop name, address and fax number (as main contact number) to try to scam buyers. They request payment to a different address, different phone number and payment via western union or wire transfer.

Scammers are using fake or stolen credit card numbers ending in 5119 or 0105both Visa's (check your accounts)

We are NOT selling anything on the internet, Guns America or Gun Broker. If you do buy anything from Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc. on these sites, you MUST call us to verify the address, number and item sold.

If you were scammed, I'm sorry, but it WAS NOT us!!

Thank you for your time

Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc