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09-09-2010, 11:16 AM
SOLD AMERICAN!!! I am uploading images of this Remington-Rand. Original post text is below, and in this string there is more information in reponse to a query regarding the terms "un-issued" and "un-fired." I have done due dilligence to the extent I could to verify both of those claims. The pistol was sold to me as un-fired and un-issued. Both are verifiable and have been with through gunsmith Will O'Hara and the experts at Faith Armory, Temecula. My asking price is half that of every exemplar I could locate on the internet - and that's not many. These pistols are becoming exceedingly rare. I am not selling this out of want. I a custom builder - a shooter - not a collector. I do not want to shoot this fine example of what is to me, an historic firearm of national significance. (original) I won't have time to post a pic before I go to Brussels, back on the 24th could transfer on the 25th. If you want it be preemptive this pistol is correct, correct markings, correct magazine. I don't think it was ever field stripped until I cleaned it. I spray it off and wipe it down at least once a week, zero corrosion. No "stupid line," no firing halo - absolutely fine R-R. Originally DCM transfer from (as I recall) 62 and paper bag it was wrapped in come with, don't have the box. Came out of Red River Arsenal, late build on WWII contract I think the serial number comes out to 1943 mfg. The later the better with RRs. $1,500 firm, well below market. If you live anywhere near Temecula I can meet you halfway for transfer, buyer pays transfer fee. If it's not everything I said no harm no foul. It is. I am tempted to fire it daily, it's got to go to a more responsible owner!!!;)

09-09-2010, 4:00 PM
I don't understand about the "never fired" statement. You actually mean "never fired after the postwar arsenal rebuild," don't you?

09-09-2010, 6:55 PM
I don't understand about the "never fired" statement. You actually mean "never fired after the postwar arsenal rebuild," don't you?

I looked the SN up again and it is one of a hundred thousand that were produced by Remington Rand in 1945. The war was over but contracts run on. I decommissioned Recruit Training Command San Diego and we filled every outstanding contract, new chapel, B-Range, Pool, track, bridge over to "raisin island" side - new grinder. The whole nine yards. This was the second to last delivery from Remington Rand, the last one was limited to 82,126.

This pistol was never issued, never carried in war it was delivered to Red River by Remington and transferred directly from Red River to some dude in Falls Church. Guy bought it for $17.00 through DCM. I may have misspelled that before, it's confusing wth CMP coming along after I retired.

Heck, I lived in Falls Church and had seventeen bucks in 62! I was eight years old but I had seventeen dollars all day long. Who knew? This is no rebuild. There were a lot of unissued 1911s at the end of the war. I've broken unfired weapons out of armory before aboard ship. As a "Roving Patrol" (restricted weapons guard) we had our pick of the litter.

My last National Match was a Navy "issued" Colt that had never been fired. That up on "The Hill," Point Loma, that Command had been there for decades, only had a large safe for an armory, no rated Gunner's Mate. The Master at Arms broke that bad boy straight of Arsenal wrapping. That was a TIGHT 1911. Imagine what that would be worth?

Most ship's GM's kept a couple of "armory queens" in reserve. I was a Radarman/Operations Specialist but I shot service competition. Nothing like a good GM who loves small arms and is happy to demonstrate and share their trade. I also kept all my personal weapons in the ship's armory I passed a lot of time there. Its a myth that all the 1911s in the service armories are old clunky rattle traps.

Serial number is in the 2230000 range. Mfg and arsenal markings were verified by master gunsmith and 1911 aficionado Will O'Hara.



12-31-2010, 5:55 PM