View Full Version : Vortex or Bushnell Spotting scope

09-08-2010, 9:20 PM
Alright! So I am looking into getting a spotting scope and don't want to break the bank. I am torn between 2 models; If you could provide any insight as to what might be the better scope I would really appreciate it!

I will be using the scope for target shooting (up to 300 yrds max) and as a secondary optic while deer hunting. I would like to make horns out up to 1000 yards. The models I am considering are as follows:

Vortex Impact 25-75x70

Bushnell Legend 12-36x50 with ED glass

The Bushnell has the ED glass which I really like but doesn't have the power nor the field of view as the Vortex. I am concerned with the optic quality of the vortex at high magnifications but have a 2 vortex scopes and love them!

If anyone has any tips, experience, words of wisdom, or just want to throw their 2 cents in I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance guys!