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09-08-2010, 4:54 PM
Status now SOLD

Smith and Wesson stainless steel 617-6 revolver, 6" barrel, chambered in .22LR, with a ten-round cylinder

I bought this revolver in January 2010 -used, in excellent 95-100% condition- from Buds (budsgunshop.com). I'm the second owner and have no idea of the total round count. I shot 300 rounds through it and decided I'd prefer a 4" model (which I found right here on Calguns in April). This 617-6 is a superb revolver in every way and I've taken scrupulous care of it (maintained with Hoppe's Elite products, kept in a Bore-stores protective sleeve inside a humidity-controlled safe). I have not "messed with" this gun in any way; never taken off the sideplate, never dry-fired it without snap caps, never handled it roughly. Really, it went to the range a total of three times and I've held onto it because I wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to shoot it any more before deciding to sell it, since these are hard to find used (in CA) and darned expensive new. This gun has absolutely no "issues" whatsoever and is an heirloom-quality revolver.

Comes with its original plastic clamshell case, original Hogue rubber Monogrop, factory cable lock with two keys, factory-fired brass casing, two keys for the internal lock, owner's manual.

Six photos are available for viewing here:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/53233948@N02/ click on any image to enlarge it

This gun was manufactured in 2008.

Read what other Calgunners are saying about UG Imports' excellent customer service:


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