View Full Version : Need place to live in the SF peninsula! (share rental?)

09-08-2010, 4:18 PM
A good friend of mine is looking for an inexpensive apartment or house (maybe a share rental) to rent somewhere within about a 30 minute drive from Redwood City.

He lives in Sonoma County with his wife and dogs and horses. He's been working for AT&T for many years (9-10?) and now they've transferred him to Redwood City. :(
He'll probably be working in Redwood City for several months at least, so now he's looking for a place that he can afford to rent and still afford to pay his mortgage here.
He will probably work days during the week, then drive home to Sonoma County on most weekends to be with his wife and critters.

Mike is in his 40's, is responsible, reliable, hard working, non smoker, not a drug user, and knows how to clean up after himself. He's one of the nicest guys I know, and one of the few folks on this planet that I would trust with anything I own. He's a good shot too.

He's already got a fat mortgage to pay here, so he really needs to keep his costs down while he's living in the Bay Area.
He'd like to find a nice quiet place to live while he's down there. A share rental situation would be good for him if he can hook up with decent folks. He cooks, so he'll want access to a kitchen and all that.

He's driving down to Redwood City tonight and will be staying there a few days "interviewing" potential living quarters.

If any of you folks living in the SF peninsula have, or know of any decent but not terribly expensive places for rent, whether it's a small house, apartment, share rental, whatever, that is within 30 minutes of Redwood City PLEASE contact me (PM) so I can tell Mike about it.

Thanks VERY much for any good leads!