View Full Version : Anyone use loadx remanufactured ammo?

09-08-2010, 7:51 AM
LoadX Ammo in Santa Rosa offers cheap remanufactured ammo. Anyone use it? good-bad? Comments welcomed

09-08-2010, 8:32 AM
I used it many years ago, when 1000 of 9mm was $90.
My Jericho loved it. I hear complaints these days, but nothing firsthand.

09-08-2010, 9:43 AM
I buy my 38-40 from Steve and have bought 45acp as well. All good stuff.

09-08-2010, 9:51 AM
Good stuff. The only problems I've ever had with any LoadX was some unjacketed .45 ACP that didn't like to properly feed consistently.

Everything else has been great.

09-08-2010, 9:58 AM
9mm and .38 work fine.

Quickdraw Mcgraw
09-08-2010, 10:23 AM
Steve is great...never had a problem with 1000's of .45acp and 38sp. Steve is a great guy and knows his stuff! He is in fact the only reason I can afford to shoot my .44s!!

09-08-2010, 11:10 AM
Steve is great...never had a problem with 1000's of .45acp and 38sp. Steve is a great guy and knows his stuff! He is in fact the only reason I can afford to shoot my .44s!!

I concur.

I've ordered both .38 HBWC and .45 SWC from Steve. He does fine work and I'm really glad he's local. He's one of the few people I feel comfortable with when I have to discuss target loads since Bullseye isn't as popular as Action Pistol.

09-08-2010, 11:45 AM
Yup. I started using the stuff way back when Paul & Margie owned it.
Steve bought the company after Paul's untimely death.

Since then, he's expanded the product line tremendously. And he seems to do good work.

If you want a custom load and are willing to buy 500-1,000 rounds or more, he can work with you. But you'll get his attention a lot faster if you can group-buy several thousand of that custom load.

Most loadings are middle-of-the-road in power. That's because he reloading previously used brass. If you opt for new brass, you can get some more potent loads.

From Load-X, I've used....

.32 H&R - wasn't terribly accurate out of my snubby
.38 Special - FMJ works fine.
.357 Magnum - FMJ works fine, moderate load.
9mm Luger - 124gr FMJ - functions and works fine. Moderate velocity
.45 ACP - 230gr FMJ - perfect functioning, average accuracy.
.41 Magnum - 210gr FMJ - Mild load ~1000 fps. Good target load

09-08-2010, 11:51 AM
I got 500 rounds of .45 250gr FMJ and shot through that, I had a couple of stove pipe feeds, I think a total of 3. Otherwise they shot fine, accuracy was fine.

I also had 200 rounds of 9mm 115gr FMJ and JHP and they seemed... light? Soft? They didn't cycle the slide on my Sig P228 fully. Every round fired fine, but the slide would not travel to the rear far enough to engage the slide release on the last round in every mag. I also noticed that compared to regular factory ammo my shots were a little lower than normal.

I would shoot their remanufactured ammo just to shoot with, but I wouldn't use it for SD/HD or for ZA. Unless I had nothing else that is.

09-08-2010, 12:22 PM
The only problem that I had with their ammo was with some 9mm that would jam up my S&W 6906. The problem turned out to be some powder that didn't burn completely would get caught up in the action of my pistol and would lock the gun up. The ammo shot fine, but would make the gun lock up. I might add that the same batch of ammo would work fine out of my Beretta and every other gun we shot it out of, but wouldn't work out of the 6906.

09-08-2010, 2:09 PM
I use .38 special loadx jacketed wadcutters alot without issues. Even with the local shops markup they run like 12.50 for 50. :D

09-08-2010, 5:02 PM
thanks for all the feedback - i'm gonna pick up 500 7.62x35

09-08-2010, 5:24 PM
Although I have not used it, since I began reloading myself, at one point I did do some asking around localy, as I wanted less costly rounds, and was told it is very good ammo by a number of good friends that use it....if that helps you any!