View Full Version : custom mosin nagent part help.

05-13-2006, 11:38 PM
does anybody know who make/ sell custom bull barrel for a Mosin Nagent ? what about bench rest rifle stock or thumb hole stock?

there is something about a mosin nagent that I really like, much more that a mauser. it is so unique that the Fin make many custom gun out of them as well as the Fin military sniper rifle.

i thought about this when i first bought my nagent from big 5 7-8 year ago. but the idea kinda went away as there were not many affordable resource back than and also i was just a stupid kid with no money. but now, there are many manufacture making all kind of stuff. And as we all know, they are cheap to play with. i would probally keep it the same caliber 7.62x54 or maybe go with a 308.

i've seen many custom mauser, but very few custom nagent.any info., pics, resource you guys can post.?:)