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09-06-2010, 3:35 PM
all that i am ever able to find on the internet are threads trashing the little bugger (i refuse to point out puns), but it is time for that to end. i recently purchased a used mosquito from DirtRacer151 (which was a fantastic transaction btw) and form the best i can tell the original vintage of the gun is somewhere in the 2007-2008 range, well taken care of, and has the oiling port. now i will point out, as does the manual, that you need to use high velocity rounds! the springs arent for "high" velocity and "standard" velocity, they are for "high" velocity and "hyper" velocity rounds. the stiff spring is for 1400fps plus and the softer spring is for anything less (but still "high"velocity) so if you hate this little guy because you were using the wrong rounds, i dont want to hear it. i have fired a little over 1k out of it now, and have had great success. the first 50 rounds i shot were mini mags, after that i switched to federal bulk high velocity to see if i could get away with it. 400 rounds went by with out a single problem, then i had 1 fte. upon further inspection the gun was filthy! it was caked with crud around and on the feed ramp the barrel was gunked, it just plain shouldnt have been working. i finished off the box with only 1 more fte, and went back to mini mags. i shot 150 more mini mags without a single problem. by my super computers math that is a .3% failure rate. pretty good for any 22 i would say, and wonderful for a "fun" gun (its not as if i would use this as a defense gun). my last trip had almost identical results 1 fte out of 530 rounds (all federal). all in all i couldnt be happier with my purchase, and i hope that there are more of us out there that read the instruction manuals of our products..

09-06-2010, 3:54 PM
My daughter bought one of these around the beginning of the year and it's been a great little gun. Except for one case where the first round out of the mag stopped on the feed ramp, it's been 100% with CCI ammo. It's only had about 3-400 rounds through it though.

The double-action trigger is horrific. When my daughter tries to shoot it Double-action she can't even maintain a minute-of-broadside-of-barn level of accuracy.

09-06-2010, 4:17 PM

09-06-2010, 7:19 PM
I love mine. Just feed it right and it will treat you well.

09-06-2010, 7:26 PM
When I keep the it well lubed and with right ammo it is perfect

09-06-2010, 7:52 PM
well... it is good to hear a nice testimonial regarding this gun. glad it's a winner for you. :)

09-07-2010, 4:56 AM
my only hope is that someone trying to decide between the p22 and the mos will not turn to the dark side.. that is true about the double action though, it is insane.. however sometimes i think it is best to learn with the worst, bringing the gun up from a low ready to target in double action is one of the hardest things you could ever do, it is my everest.. but if i can do that reliably, i can literally do anything..

09-07-2010, 6:37 AM
I concur.......mini-mags no issues.....great learner gun.....

09-07-2010, 6:41 AM
When I keep the it well lubed and with right ammo it is perfect

I love mine. Just feed it right and it will treat you well.

I concur.......mini-mags no issues.....great learner gun.....

So when you said right ammo, is it a mini mag or something else ?

Corbin Dallas
09-07-2010, 6:53 AM
My sig mosquito ran flawless for a year with CCI mini mags.

I think it's either user error or crappy ammo that causes the issue.

09-07-2010, 7:18 AM
I think it's either user error or crappy ammo that causes the issue.
I've sold many of the Mosquitos and even have 2 myself. What I find the most common is some folks don't read their owners manual and have no idea the gun comes with two different recoil springs. You can see where there would be a problem right there. Some folks also expect the same accuracy out of a .22lr pistol they get out of their .22lr rifles.

Since the platform is almost identical to the wife's and my duty guns, we shoot ours for practice regularly as an alternative to shooting the P226 9mm guns. Collectively, we have probably near 10,000 rounds through our 2 Mosquitos and have an occasional typical .22lr misfire but have had vitually no problems with either gun. Yes, they like to be clean and lubed but we should be doing that with every gun we own. When we got them a couple years back, the first 500rds were CCI mini mags and ever since then we use the Federal bulk packs.

They are a great and inexpensive gun for a beginner to learn with but in our home they also have a place for real life practice with the platform almost identical to our P226s/P229s/P220s.

09-07-2010, 9:05 AM
So when you said right ammo, is it a mini mag or something else ?

cci mini mags work 100% of the time.. from my 2200 rounds of federal high velocity (walmart red box) i have had a .3% fte, and thats only after the gun is dirty. if i stopped to clean mid box im sure i could get away with 100%. like i said before, even with the gun filthy mini mags have fed perfectly.. i sure do wish this thread existed when i was researching this gun initially! i really dont mind one or two failures out of 500 either, its not a defensive gun, so it does nothing but provide some tap rack bang time (without having to fake it)

09-07-2010, 9:22 AM
I had a very good feeding rate with bulk remington ammo only 4 or 5 failed from the 550 box.

Winchester and Federal for some reason my mosquito will fail one time every 10 rounds.

09-07-2010, 3:27 PM
So far I have enjoyed mine also. I have put around 300-400 rounds of mini-mags through it. Have had a few failure to fire, but I do feel like it is still being broken in.

But I have had 3 rounds that did not fire, that also had the live round stuck in the barrel. Anyone else have this, and maybe have any suggestions?