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09-06-2010, 12:07 AM

09-06-2010, 1:28 AM
They forced helmets on motorcyclists and bicycle riders. They forced seatbelts onto people in every new manufacture automobile (Some old cars can be considered "grandfathered" into not requiring them... cops can write the ticket, but the judge is supposed to throw it out). We aren't allowed to learn that a metal slide on a playground will get FREAKIN HOT! on a sunny day, because it's almost all plastic now. Children can no longer learn any form of gunsmithing in highschool, let alone hunting or other "dangerous" activities.

Personal accountability is entirely out the window in this world. Seriously, people aren't expected to change the channel if they don't like a show, the network is supposed to remove the show instead.

The so called roster of handguns certified safe for sale has NOTHING to do with safety and everything to do with control and emotional response to guns being "scary".

(prohibition and banning of drugs were results of the "temperance" movement, essentially a bunch of ninnys who decided that it was Immoral to enjoy yourself. their motives were direct and up front, the roster is not).

09-06-2010, 2:35 AM
While I don't agree with vice units/statutes on the grounds that imposing a law of one's religiously based view of what is "moral" and what is "immoral" on other people is wrong...
I still think they make more sense than a stupid safe handgun list.

There's really not safe or unsafe guns on or off the list (mechanically flawed firearms aside.)
Safety is about the person and last time I check we already had a safe person roster haha (HSC, NICS, etc.)
This will all pass though. I'm sure of it.
Gun legislation seems to have been gaining more and more ground recently.
It's starting to be viewed by the public less as a bunch of "gun nuts" and more like a valid civil rights argument.
I just take every semi-interested (and even opposed) person I can to the range.
Because they leave knowing they had fun and the gun didn't magically kill them and several innocent bystanders.

09-06-2010, 8:45 AM
The list is just another way to make owning firearms more expensive and more trouble. The hope being that new people will just think it is too much trouble and the old farts will just die off. Brave new world.

Seat belt laws.. helmet laws.. safety triggers on power tools.. "do not touch the glowing red element" decals on stoves. Women and womenly men demand such things.

We all spent 17 years or so trying to leave moms house and her rules.. then we go and vote her into office. Kalifornia is being used as the model of how much the citizenry will take...

I think we are proving that we will take one hell of a lot of do goody socialism.

09-06-2010, 8:48 AM
Keep the faith, help is on the way (http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/index.php/Pena_v_Cid).

09-06-2010, 8:57 AM
Am I right in thinking that even a gunshow gun counts as a Dealer purchase rather than a private transfer, and as such is no solution?

Buying from a dealers inventory the roster applies. Purchasing a gun that is consigned to the dealer the roster does not apply. A private person transfer (PPT) between one person and another, even though facilitated / documented by a licensed dealer, the roster does not apply.

In short, if the gun is in the state already, chances are it's available for you to purchase, roster or not. New gun sales of off roster firearms would be LEO only, but a LEO can transfer that down the road through PPT to you if they want.

I've seen a couple of these guns for sale here on Calguns, for reasonable money, but I figure that gradually they'll all eventually leave the state.

Buy them when you see them if they are what you want. Transactions between Calguns members fall into the PPT category, no roster restriction.

Who do I blame for this travesty?

I'm guessing the same busybodies that banned booze in the 20's and drugs in the 50's.

Pretty much. The 18th Amendment banning alcoholic beverages was pushed through by statists and progressives with the gleeful help of small groups of hard core religious fanatics.

09-06-2010, 9:08 AM
They forced helmets on motorcyclists and bicycle riders. They forced seatbelts onto people in every new manufacture automobile

and they force hospitals to treat drug addicts, stuntman wannabes, democrats, etc. thereby expanding the retarded segment of our population.

The DRis
09-06-2010, 10:17 AM
Its more of a revenue generator for the state and as was said, a way to try and deter us from purchasing handguns.

Take for instance the 1911 I want. The TRP with no rail, or full rail are legal. But as soon as you turn that rail to half length it gets a new model number and needs to be "tested" again. SA has said screw CA we aren't paying the tens of thousands of dollars.

Also the XD. The black model is on list. But you finish the slide and make it just stainless instead of black and now it needs to be tested again. Nothing is mechanically different.

09-06-2010, 10:40 AM
Off topic but I wonder if gunstores and ammo manufacturers are really apposed to the new ammo law going onto effect? Were all buying ammo out of fear of the price and shortage to come, I'm sure profits are riding and the local shops just waiting to charge a 30% markup because we have less choices...