View Full Version : Picked up my Sig P2340 today...

09-03-2010, 9:20 PM
So I finally picked up my police trade-in Sig Pro from the Turner's Rancho Cucamonga sale, and it it to the range. After shooting my 1911s so much, this gun just feels awkward in my hand and the DA/SA trigger pull is something I'll need to get used to. I expected a light recoil over the .45s, but with the poly frame and .357 Sig 125gr WWB loads it does have more muzzle flip than expected. That .357 Sig is a much hotter round than expected, but with a little trigger time I think I could grow to like it. At the price for ammo though I doubt I'll get much time at the range with it. Seems to me that anything costing more than a .45 to shoot and does not feel as good in the hand, is destined to become a safe queen or quite possibly trade bait for a future purchase.

In any case I will say that I was expecting it to be a POS being a trade-in and all, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Although it may not fit my hand that well, it does feel like a solid, quality built weapon and for the price I paid I have to say it is the best cheap gun I've bought.