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05-12-2006, 1:49 PM
In the past I commented about this store's lack of Knowledge, in the past transferring a gun for my mom, for myself to use in production pistol matches, they told us the gun was not CA legal, I went onto DOJ and showed them the gun was allowed and they admitted the mistake and did the transfer, but during us questioning for when I turn 21 and her transferring the gun to me they said CA law does not allow women to pass down guns, only the father for gandfather... morons, oh yeah, they charged us $100 for just a copy of their FFL, I've been told thats not legal, no idea if true, just told by other stores with FFL I talk with.

well thats the past, this is PART 2

Obtaining an HSC
I call to find there prices and they tell me its $25 and I must be 21... ohhh, no 18, the girl says no the guy here says 21 thats the law. so I read to her the HSC manual on page ten where it states "over 18" she tells me to hold on and a guy picks up, I repeat to him I was told I have to be 21, then read to him what I read to the girl, he says Well ok, but its still illegal to shoot or own a handgun under 21, NO I say, first I'm not wanting to purchase, my parent has a handgun, I would borrow with consent for my trip to a range, he tell me no, thats not anything in the law, that no one under 21 can shoot the gun. ...sigh, I pull up the DOJ article and tell him over the phone on the DOJ site as of 2006, ARTICLE 7. JUVENILES 12101. (a)(1) A minor shall not possess a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.
(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply if one of the following circumstances exists:

I then read the
(C) The minor is at least 16 years of age, the minor has the prior written consent of his or her parent or legal guardian, and the minor is actively engaged in, or is in direct transit to or from, a lawful, recreational sport and so on...

and told him the same for ammo.

well this call ended with an Angry man telling (yelling even) me me and my sources (the CA DOJ) are wrong and to not go to his store.

thats a Deal! :D

next called I W E Sports and no problem, I can take the test there, yay!

Also I don't mean to attack or anything, I do understand he may view as minors and the risk of guns and morons and sure he has delt with many as other gun stores do, and I myself see younger people who should be no where near guns, but I showed that at 20 and my calm talking and knowledge telling him the laws and my intent to go to the local range and not have to drag my mother along, my knowing of the law was no reason to become angered at their lack of knowledge and come unglued as he did, I simply answered his questions.

[edit part 2]
K yeah a little more to get off my chest, come on, I'm being responsible and going about the legal way of shooting a handgun, hell, nothing says I need the HSC, my range said I go down and shoot no problem, but I want the HSC to show more evidence of my knowledge of how to safely use a handgun, and not just say I know, I'm trying to go all the right way, and I'm attacked for that?
Hell bro if I wanted to go about it an illegal manor I'll go out and shoot without parent consent or looking at the laws and be stupid, but I clearly showed and explained I'm not doing that.

05-12-2006, 8:02 PM
After clarifying that it was ok for you to test for an HSC your conversation needed to go no further regardless of what he/she said. It's none of their business past that point. In addition, gun store employees are not required to be knowledgeable about the gun laws past getting a HSC and purchasing a firearm and transporting it out of the store.

You could probably ask several LEO about your intent and get several different answers - and they're required to enforce the law!

Arguing with gun store employees is like arguing on the internet.

05-12-2006, 8:42 PM
I understand, and yeah after the call I was like what business of that was his to ask further info of my intentions? but heck with it, I went to the IWE and took the test no problems, and got the card to show I Past it, and again, I read no where it says I need that, it was something on my part that I felt was necessary to show I understood safety, and not that tell someone I know the rules. And when I turn 21 I plan to take a class for Utah CCW.

It just bums me to be looked at as someone trying to cause trouble when I'm only trying to follow the proper laws, but to get "Ok yeah fine, then what do you plan to do huh? Huh! what are you going to do with handguns, tell me that huh!"

and I didn't return attitude I explained and told him what I have on the DOJ site saying.

and yeah, the FFL copy for $100 for private transfer, as far as I know the max is $35, but still no idea what came of that.

if I had their Fax I'd like to fax them a copy from the DOJ's laws to help out, but the heck with it. I know a few other places that don't look at me as some young punk looking for trouble when I go in. just a further drive is all.

05-12-2006, 9:32 PM
Taking your money somewhere else is more painful to them than to you. Good job keeping your composure. All he had to say was this isn't our policy, politely. Well, at least now you see why people have favorite stores.

06-05-2006, 1:29 PM
That's funny.

I am almost positive I know who you're talking about.

I say that because I went in there and told him I wanted a Glock, but wasn't old enough quite yet. He asked me if I was the guy who called in and proved him wrong about the age thing. He described a situation very similar to the one you posted.

06-05-2006, 7:51 PM
Yeah, that store went down hill when they were able to sell guns again. They use to be called Great Guns back in the day. They had great prices on ammo but that has seem to change. I have found that Wild Sports, River City Gun Exchange and Cordova Shooting Center have the better service in the Sacramento area.

06-06-2006, 8:09 AM
I know exactly who you spoke with and it doesn't surprise me at all. A lot of guys that work in gun shops (not all thankfully) have a huge ego and an attitude to go with it and hate to be proven wrong. They tend to think they are the expert on all things gun related and no mere customer could possibly know more. A lot of LE wannabes that could'nt even qualify as a security guard. I go into a particular shop once in a while just to stand back and listen to the stupid things coming out of the employees mouths.

The $100.00 FFL thing is only for non face to face transfers, for a face to face the mandated charge is no more than $35.00. If the gun was being transfered from another FFL to them then they may charge anything they like. A lot of shops don't want to deal in these transfers so they charge a stupid price and hope you'll walk away. No reason for it as it's no more difficult or time consuming but they want you to buy the overpriced guns they have and are penalizing you for buying elsewhere.

Customer service is a rare thing in gunshops, if you find a good one stick with it and let us all know who's treating you right.

06-06-2006, 12:01 PM
My office is about 10 mins from their shop. There is always this one dickweed behind the counter with a real 'tude. They lost out on selling me a 1911 because of his ****ty attitude. I give the majority of my business now these guys: http://www.badgerjohnshuntinstuff.com/ . They are on El Camino and have really excellent service and selection.

Wild Sports is OK too, but its a haul out to Orangevale. I've had really good service at J&G gunsmithing in Roseville too.