View Full Version : F/S Pistol Cases (Six). Pistol rug.

Fred C Dobbs
09-02-2010, 7:03 PM
One pistol Sackup.
One 9x16 Boyt case with handles.
One 8x17 Shooters supply case with handles.
One 15x27 trifolding gun mat to protect pistols on hard surfaces.
One Double Triple pistol cases, one 17.5" long.
Two Double Triple 15" long.
One Shooters Supply 15" case (This one only a soft case not well padded. The rest are well padded)
I have keys for most of the locking pistol rugs.

Near as I can figure, this is a little over a hundred bucks worth of cases.
Sell em for $50 plus ship if you want them sent.
condition on them is excellent.

If you want them shipped, figure #6 Federal Ground to your zip code.

Fred C Dobbs
09-08-2010, 3:48 PM